Sweary little girls are back to fight sexism with a Santa themed video

What's the one thing more likely to grab your attention than children swearing over and over again in the name of feminism? Children swearing over and over again at Santa, in the name of feminism.

This video from FCKH8 highlights the gender pay gap but cites American figures. In Britain, the pay gap between men and women is at 9.4 per cent.

Things are improving, but not as fast as they should be. Figures published by Labour in August showed women will not be paid the same as men for another 60 years at the current rate of progress.

What that means in practice is that from November 4 this year women in Britain effectively started working for free.

As the girls say in the video: "For decades nice women have been ignored making this point". So they're trying not being nice...

See what they have to say below - and remember this does contain swearing.

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