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Gauging the difference between a medical emergency and absolutely nothing to worry about isn't easy for those of us with no medical experience beyond buying our own toothpaste.

But fear not, because reddit asked: "Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, Paramedics - what's a seemingly harmless sign that should make you go to the hospital right away?"

And here's what they said.

A physician said:

You know your body and how you feel. Any abrupt unusual changes should be checked out.

A few:

Unequal parts: Draw an imaginary line down the middle and if anything is unusually unequal such as Pupils, facial droop/sagging, 1 sided weakness

Sudden pain to light, especially with associating headache/neck pain or flashes of light

Changes in sensation or communication, hearing, vision, slurring of speech, etc.

Unusual shortness of breath

Sudden and/or severe abdominal pain

Unexplained weight loss

Unusual bleeding

Unusual swelling

Sudden Confusion

When in doubt, get it checked out.


An oncologist added:

That lump that doesn't go away. That cough that doesn't go away. That diarrhoea that doesn't go away. Basically anything new that doesn't at least start to get better over the next couple of weeks or months. Could be chipotle. Could be cancer.


And someone who works in the fire service added:

If you start to feel dizzy, headaches or nausea and have gas appliances in the home (or open fires and log burners) GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND CALL 999! Especially if any of these appliances are new, recently serviced or are being used for the first time in a while.

These are signs of a carbon monoxide leak. If you have pets that are acting weird as well this can also be a sign.

Carbon monoxide is NOT to be messed with it is colourless, odourless and tasteless and It doesn't take much to kill you either.


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