This squirrel eating a taco is the hero the internet needs

Twitter / Maria Bianchi

Everyone is going nuts for the internet's new hero (sorry).

Yes, the latest in a series of New York rodents that have gone viral is the 'Taco Squirrel'.

Captured in Brooklyn Park by local resident Maria Bianchi, it appears the rodent has got hold of a taco shell nearly the size of its whole body.

Evidently, Taco Squirrel then dragged it up a comfy tree to eat it in peace, keeping it in tact the whole time.

What an inspiration.

Famously, 'Pizza Rat' went viral in 2015 when a New York resident filmed a rat trying to take a pizza home on the subway.

There was also Milkshake Squirrel - who stole a chocolate shake from a bin in Madison square park.

And then there was Bagel Rat.

And Donut Rat who carried a huge sweet treat through a New York subway.

But in what was possibly the most New York photo ever taken - the 'animals with food' photos was topped by Bagel Pigeon.

Not to be outdone - there was also a Pizza Squirrel spotted in Chicago.

And in Toronto, a family-owned convenience store were plagued by a squirrel that kept stealing its chocolate

Thanks for always inspiring us, tiny animals with huge food.

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