Teen exquisitely trolls Westboro baptist church with homemade sign

How do you react when the notorious Wesboro Baptist church pickets your local Church?

Well, if you are anything like Iowa-based teenager Brett, you get up extra-early to stand in the snow and troll them with your own NSFW sign based on a popular meme.

Westboro Baptist Church protesters had been outside the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish on Sunday because it allows women preachers. The homophobic hate group, known for their "god hates fags" signs, have further protests in Iowa planned for this week.

Brett, 16, told i100.co.uk he and his friend Brandon decided to "mess with" them on the weekend. "We waited for 10 minutes and I stood out there for 15-20 minutes," he said. “I spent an hour drawing that picture the night before, woke up at 7:30 am, and stood out in the snow for 20 minutes with a Dick butt sign."

The pictures then went viral, making it to the front page of Reddit.

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