A 90lb teenager slammed face-first into concrete by cop for filming arrest in Florida

A teenager in Florida was violently pushed to the pavement by a police officer
A teenager in Florida was violently pushed to the pavement by a police officer

Two Florida police officers are under fire after footage was released of one of them slamming a 17-year-old girl onto the concrete pavement.

The clip shows a cop cuffing a teenager against a police vehicle in a parking garage in Ponte Vedra, Florida when the altercation began.

The officers were in the middle of arresting 19-year-old Austin Padget, when a petite blonde approached them and began recording the arrest.

“Stay away from that car, back up,” warns one officer.

While asking an inaudible question, the girl steps forward slightly, continuing to film the interaction before the cops demand she “back up,” once more. With her phone still in her hand, the girl inches closer before one officer aggressively grabs her by the arm.

In an attempt to free herself, the girl flails and tries to pull away, before she shoves the officer in the chest. What happens next is both appalling and clearly unjustified.

Irritated by her retaliation, the officer grabs the girl by her upper arms, violently throws her to the ground, and pins her down while beginning the process of arresting her.

The girl’s friends immediately begin screaming at the officers for throwing “someone who’s 90 f***ing pounds on the ground.”

According to a report from the Florida sheriff’s office, Padget, was seen hiding something beneath a vehicle in the parking garage where the altercation took place. Deputies later discovered the item was a firearm, which led to his initial arrest. In addition, deputies also found “a gun, drugs and alcohol on the scene,” according to a police report reviewed by First Coast News.

Because that makes abusively slamming a teenager to the ground justifiable, right?

Some viewers immediately criticized police for reacting violently towards the teenager, while others defended their actions. The girl reportedly faces a felony charge for battery of a law enforcement officer. Luckily she faced no injuries from the assault.

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