Watch a professor perfectly shut down sexism from a student

Watch a professor perfectly shut down sexism from a student

As an educator, how would you deal with a disrespectful student?

Well, let a recent example set by a professor at Temple University, Pennsylvania perhaps be a guide.

On Friday, student Sabrina Pulli posted two clips of an interaction that had taken place during a seminar.

Pulli’s professor, Mylina Andrews had confronted a student after they allegedly made degrading comments during a class Andrews was teaching on human sexuality.

So Andrews decided to spell out exactly why their behaviour was unacceptable.

Pulli’s first video shows Andrews checking the student is still logged on listening, which he eventually affirms.

Then she lets rip.

“So let me start out with the one comment, and I wanna make sure you’re still there and hearing me. You said, and I quote, ‘I can say whatever I want and I don’t give a f**k how you feel,'” Andrews says.

“Well, guess what? You cannot say whatever you want in this classroom, and I do give a f**k”.

In part two, Andrews is heard continuing to reprimand the student.

“Let me make it perfectly clear to you that women do not thrive on dick. It just doesn’t work that way,” she says, in reference to a comment the student had allegedly made.

“I happen to be older than any of you and have a whole lot more experience sexually than anyone in this class, and I can tell you that I can live without penis.

“I can have a really happy life, if that would be the case. But to say that a woman is being irritated—or whatever the insinuation was—because she’s ‘not getting enough dick’ is misogynistic,” Andrews finishes.

Pulli’s videos racked up thousands of views and comments in support of Andrews.

“She stepped on his neck!!,” one person wrote.

“I’m more engaged in your Zoom class than my own,” another comment read.

“She can single handedly save 2020,” someone else posted.

Pulli wrote in a reply to another comment that Andrews’ retort had been a long time coming.

“She took so much shit from this kid from the first day of our class so it was time. Handled with class,” the student explained.

Bets on whether that student is passing this particular class...

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