Tesla removes Disney+ app after Musk told boss to 'go f*** yourself'

Tesla removes Disney+ app after Musk told boss to 'go f*** yourself'
Elon Musk had an expletive-laden message to advertisers leaving X
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Tesla owner Elon Musk has removed the Disney+ app from its vehicles after a row with the boss over X/Twitter ads.

The feud between Musk and the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, began when Disney stopped advertising its services on Musk’s social media platform X/Twitter, due to posts from Musk that led to accusations of anti-Semitism.

Musk appears to have now brought one of his other companies, Tesla, into the feud as vehicle owners noticed the app for Disney's streaming service, Disney+, has been removed from their cars.

One person posted a picture showing where the Disney+ app should appear on their Tesla screen and questioned why Musk’s “temper tantrum” should affect vehicle owners.

They wrote: “So Disney+ has now been removed from Tesla vehicles. I’m assuming this is in retaliation to Disney pulling advertising from X (which they have every right to do).

“So now I, as a mom, get to deal with telling my toddlers we can’t watch Disney+ while in our Tesla and deal with their upset feelings because two grown men can’t have a civil discussion and move on.”

The woman continued: “This comes off like a temper tantrum. And I feel like Tesla owners are now caught in the crossfire of something that is absolutely not their fault.”

Others were also in agreement, as someone else argued: “Tesla and X should be completely separate. If they want to have a battle over free speech on X, that should have no effect on Tesla and vice versa.”

Another said: “Correct you can’t claim to be the free speech, individual freedoms guy on one side, but then remove people’s option to choose on the other. This should be a customer’s choice not an ‘Elon chooses for everyone’ choice.”

It comes after Musk told the Disney CEO and other businesses that pulled ads from X/Twitter to go f***” themselves.

Musk was accused of being antisemitic when he responded to a tweet that said Jewish communities have a "dialectical hatred" of white people.

indy100 has contacted Tesla for comment.

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