Swimming teacher shares ridiculous encounter with nightmare mother

Louis Staples
Tuesday 18 December 2018 16:30
Picture:(iStock Getty / Reddit)

Depending on your outlook, the internet is either a marvellous innovation or a total disaster for the human race.

There’s no denying it often brings out both the best, but also the worst, traits in humanity. Nothing quite summarises this like the Reddit "subthread" ChoosingBeggars, where freeloaders who take others for a ride are outed and shamed.

One of the most alarming incidences alleged on the website concern a generous swimming teacher and a mother who wasn’t so kind. The swimming teacher took to Reddit to share a particularly tense exchange with a mum who didn’t show any gratitude for free swimming lessons. Not only this, but she demanded that her son get free private lessons to fit her schedule.

Read the entire exchange below (warning, it includes bad language):

H/T: Someecards

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