The countries where gay marriage is legal

As Ireland goes to the polls to vote on equal marriage, this Statista map looks at where it is legal around the world.

Based on data from the Pew Centre, it details 18 countries where gay marriage is legal, including Britain (although gay marriage is not yet recognised in Northern Ireland).

Although not included in the map, there are two countries where equal marriage is legal in some jurisdictions: Mexico and the US.

The other countries are: Argentina (2010)
The Netherlands (2000)
South Africa (2006) Belgium (2003)
Finland (2015)
New Zealand (2013)
Spain (2005) Brazil (2013)
France (2013)
Norway (2009)
Sweden (2009) Canada (2005)
Iceland (2010)
Portugal (2010)
Uruguay (2013) Denmark (2012) Luxembourg (2014)

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article did not have New Zealand shaded in on the map.

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