The Daily Show tore Fox News to pieces over that racist segment on Chinatown


Fox News aired the most uninformed, racist segment about China - then comedian and Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng tore them to pieces.

On Thursday the Daily Show aired a segment lambasting a news item made by Jesse Watters for 'Watters' World' on the O'Reilly Factor .

The piece has been accused by many as racist. For a start, the item was about China and American foreign policy.

So for Watters segment he visited China Town.

China Town. In New York City. 11,000 km away from Beijing.

Chieng, preparing the clip for airing on the Daily Show, had to explain that the Daily Show had added nothing to the footage.

This seemed like an odd segue, but it soon became clear why Chieng felt the disclaimer necessary.

That was because Watters' news item was peppered with clips from American cinema, much of it featuring racist and dated Chinese stereotypes.


It's almost hard to believe no producer, editor, runner, or Watters himself, ever raised their hand to say this might not be the best idea.

In other moments aired on the Daily Show Watters had a foot massage, asked what year of the Zodiac calendar it is, and asks another man if he knows karate.

It then cuts to Watters performing martial arts.

On this, Chieng had much to say:

If you're going to be racist at least get your sterotypes right you ignorant sack of s***. Karate isn't Chinese it's Japanese, and you're doing it in a Taekwondo studio which is Korean you f***ing jack off.

Since airing the segment on the O'Reilly Factor, Watters has issued an apology.

Chieng's other objection was that Watters spoke to non-English speakers in China Town and then laughed when they failed to respond to his questions.

To right this wrong, Chieng then went into China Town himself and spoke to residents in Chinese about the election.

See the full clip from The Daily Show here, including Chieng's interviews with Chinese-Americans.

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