The look on Angela Eagle's face as Owen Smith says one of them will have to stand down to beat Corbyn

The Labour party stands on a cliff’s edge as Jeremy Corbyn clingss onto his leadership despite a double leadership challenge.

And all this just a few weeks after a dozen members of his shadow cabinet resigned.

Former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle and former pensions secretary Owen Smith have taken advantage of what many perceive as Corbyn’s tenuous position, but are battling between themselves for his position.

Because the Labour party clearly isn't divided enough as it is.

On Sunday the two politicians made an appearance on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

It wasn't very friendly. At all.

Marr attempted to rock the boat by asking if the two agreed that only one of them should be standing as opposition leader, rather than both.

Eagle gave a diplomatic answer, talking about preparations she made for the Parliamentary Labour Party hustings the following day:

We’ll see what happens.

Smith on the other hand, went in:

I think one of us standing would be better, if I’m honest.



Watch the video below:

Brave move from Smith. We recently went out to ask the public if they even knew who Owen Smith was.

They did not.

Meanwhile, at Corbyn HQ...

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