The official Leave campaign just addressed the most obvious joke in the world

Louis Dor
Thursday 23 June 2016 18:00
Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images

Every election, referendum, presidency, council of elders division, every public vote ever, has featured a joke along the lines of the following.

Remember [side I oppose] you need to vote on [day after vote] otherwise it won't count.

It's a routine joke about as recognisable, badly-placed and avoidable as uncle Barry's whoopie cushion.

However, after a few tweets in this vein used the BBC breaking banner, the symbol of a well-trusted news source, the Vote Leave campaign were so concerned the message would be believed that they put out a tweet dispelling the scam.

Interestingly, they decided to phrase blame for the misinformation to the "IN campaign", as if it was an official strategy by 'Remain'.

People responded by trolling the Vote Leave account, laughing at the fact the campaign had to inform supporters that this blatant joke wasn't genuine information.

We can confirm that the vote is Thursday 23 June 2016 (today) for both Leave and Remain supporters - go vote.

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