These are the 10 most positive countries in the world

Every year thousands of Europeans flock to South America and spend time soaking up the sunshine, the cuisine and the multitude of cultures.

The Gallup 2016 Global Emotions Report, which uses global data to measure negative and positive experiences in countries around the world, based on nearly 147,000 interviews with adults in 140 countries, shows that its not only foreign tourists who have a great time, but people living there too.

A new graph by Statista indicates a correlation between positive experience and the countries that make up southern and central America, with eight out of the ten mosts positive countries belonging in that region.

Paraguay scores the highest in positive experience, with 84 per cent.

Guatemala scores 83 per cent along with Uzbekistan and Ecuador, and Colombia comes in at 81 per cent.

Photo: Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images, Carnival in Colombia

Interestingly, Honduras, often referred to as the ‘Murder Capital of the World’, is number three on the list, with a score of 83 per cent.

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