These are the 10 worst jobs in the world in 2016

Newspaper reporter has come last in a study that examines the best and worst jobs in the world.

Using a methodology that analyses the environment (emotional, physical and hours worked), income (growth potential and salary), outlook (employment growth, income growth potential and unemployment), and 11 stress factors, it was determined that being a data scientist is the best job on the planet.

The study, by recruitment website CareerCast, makes for disheartening reading if you work in one of the following professions, however.

These are the 10 worst jobs in 2016:

1. Newspaper reporter

2. Logger

3. Broadcaster

4. Disc jockey

5. Enlisted military personnel

6. Pest control worker

7. Retail salesperson

8. Advertising salesperson

9. Taxi driver

10. Firefighter

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