These are the five highest and five lowest paid cities in the UK

Louis Dor
Saturday 20 February 2016 18:30

London was, as expected, the highest paid city in the UK for 2015, an annual report has found.

The Cities Outlook 2016 report found that 14 cities can be said to be achieving Chancellor George Osborne's goal of a “higher wage, low-welfare” economy, as outlined in his Summer Budget 2015.

The ninth edition of the annual report found that welfare spending since 2010 has grown at a much faster rate in high-wage cities, largely the result of rising housing benefit payments.

The below chart from Statista shows the cities that were paid, on average, the least and the most, with northern cities like Wigan, Huddersfield and Burnley sitting low in the rankings:

Here's that data compared to welfare claimant counts in the relevant city for January 2016:

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