Picture: KFSN/YouTube/screengrab
Picture: KFSN/YouTube/screengrab

Louise Veronneau and Dominic Husson were married Tuesday morning, after dating for three years, just outside the city of Parlier, California.

The Canadian couple met in Montreal and they have a passion for animals, so they decided to get married at an animal sanctuary called Cat House on the Kings – in front of 1,100 cats.

Louise visited the sanctuary, which has been home to 24,000 cats and 7,000 dogs since it opened 24 years ago, during a 2012 trip to California.

She decided to return after falling in love with the sanctuary, a wish fulfilled on her wedding day.

Louise told KFSN:

I feel in love, I feel in love with the work Lynea and her team is doing for the cats and the rescuing.

Dominic said:

We are both animal lovers and it was easy. She is a great person, that is why I married her.

Watch the full video below:

When asked what they thought of the wedding the guests said:

Original picture: Reuters/Thomas Peter
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