Picture: Indy100
Picture: Indy100

The Chilcot report, published on Wednesday, investigated Britain's role in the Iraq war, the decision-making process and information sourced which led to the war, and the country's role in the ensuing instability in Iraq.

As people read analysis of the report and passages, a pattern of reactions seemed to emerge.

Shadow Business Secretary John Pickett wrote of the findings:

I voted against the unconvincing case for war but even I am shocked at the comprehensive failures revealed by Chilcot. #devastating

People took to Twitter to share their initial reactions (nothing like a hot take on 2.6m words in 140 characters):

When the Independent took to the streets to ask people about their first thoughts of the report, one man's words in particular struck a chord:

I marched in 2003 with my whole family against that war as did two million other British people.

We’re now in a situation today where we’ve been entirely vindicated and it’s been proved that the lives of half a million Iraqis did not have been taken in such a way.

I think about the death of Dr Kelly and I think about Robin Cook’s resignation speech – I was in tears watching it the other day because these people predicted what would happen.

I think we’re in a worse place than we were in 2003. We now have countries which are entirely destabilised. We’ve got the worst reputation in the world – us and America are now seen as tyrants. It makes me ashamed to be a member of this country.

It does make me ashamed.

We have a feeling a large part of the public may agree with him.

You can watch the clip, below:

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