Picture: Francois Lenoir - Pool/Getty Images
Picture: Francois Lenoir - Pool/Getty Images

Do you know what the rate of tax is around Europe?

If you do, well done you, but if you don't, all is forgiven.

Here's a nice infographic which is a great starter for ten from the European Parliament.

The values in orange are for direct taxes, such as income or property, whereas the grey values are for rates of consumption-related taxes, such as VAT or fuel duty.

Here's what that looks like, ranked:

Interestingly, Denmark collects a much higher amount of tax from indirect taxes than most countries. As a result, the country also collects the most tax (nearly 50 per cent) as a proportion of gross domestic product.

Western European countries generally see higher revenues in indirect taxes, while eastern European countries see the opposite.

HT World Economic Forum

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