This mother fought back against a bodyshaming dress code in the best way possible

This permission slip for a sixth-grade (11-12 year old) school pool party was brought home by Jennifer Smith's son earlier this month

She took offence to the "bodyshaming" diktat that "all girls must wear a non-white t-shirt over their swimsuit", posting the slip on the group 'Feminism on Facebook' alongside the message "my son brought this permission slip home today, and I am pretty upset over".

While Smith does not have a daughter, she said that the girls in her son's school, Rhoades Elementary in Indianapolis, could not "fight this fight", adding: "Girls suffer increased rates of depression when they enter puberty due to poor body image which things like this only make worse."

Smith emailed the Rhoades Elementary principal to argue about the rule - and she eventually won.

A spokesperson for the school told the Huffington Post the rule had been in place because "we know that for many of our families, buying an extra [one-piece] swimsuit for their children would be a luxury they cannot afford," adding: "To address the issue of appropriate dress for the swim party, we believed asking the girls to wear T-shirts over their swimsuits was the solution that addressed the issue most sensitively."

Smith said of her victory: "If we can change little things to make it better, and examine the reasons why we do things, that would be great."

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