This Syrian refugee made an incredible act of kindness to a desperate woman

This Syrian refugee made an incredible act of kindness to a desperate woman

There are advantages to living in a completely digitally connected world: an act of kindness which would have otherwise remained in the dark can be shared and celebrated by millions of people across the world.

That’s precisely what happened when a mother of two walked into a Dallas jewellery shop last week.

She went into the shop with the intention of selling a ring that her mother had gifted to her.

However when a man called Noah, who was working in the store at the time, saw how upset she was to have to part with the sentimental piece of jewellery, he asked her how much money she needed and gave it to her... and then gave her the ring back too.

Noah, who wishes to keep his face and his surname anonymous, is a Syrian refugee who fled his homeland two years ago.

Noah told CBS:

I didn’t think about it, I just grabbed the money. I grabbed the money and gave it to her.

The woman was overcome with shock and started to cry, hugging Noah.

Noah sent the CCTV clip to a friend in Syria who later posted it online. Within a week the video had over 10 million views.

Doesn’t matter what religion you are. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. This is our humanity.

Back in July, Donald Trump’s RNC speech condemned the number of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the US:

There's no way to screen these refugees in order to find out who they are or where they come from…I only want to admit individuals into our country who will support our values and love our people.

Noah's "values" appear to be in line with the rest of humanity, Trump.

The entire exchange was caught on the store's CCTV, which can be viewed below:

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