A man was photographed naked, high on LSD, prowling like a tiger in Poland. What really happened is even stranger

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Sunday 04 December 2016 14:45
(Picture: John Macdougall/Getty/AFP)

WARNING: We should warn you that this article features unflattering angles of a naked man in a prowling position.

You might have come across a news story about a Polish man who took the drug LSD, undressed and ran around a forest behaving like a Siberian tiger.

Twenty-one-year-old Marek H, from the Czech Republic had, according to a number of reports, tried to self-medicate his depression by taking LSD.

This apparently resulted in the photos below.

A camera had been set up in the forest in order to film animals in their natural habitat, and his strange actions were caught on film.

After locals gave the footage to the police, he was found, questioned and fined.

This story is false.

The story is predated by one in October - student biologists at Virginia Tech University set up camera traps to capture the wildlife near Virginia Mountain Lake Biological Station.

Every few weeks, Professor Marcella J Kelly’s students check the cameras, so that they could monitor the carnivore population.

Kelly told Vice:

The student who does the downloading gave the cards to me and said, ‘There’s some really weird ones on there. I think there’s some naked people.

Cue those photos:

After discovering two of Kelly’s dozen or so cameras, the anonymous man stripped naked and ran around on all fours.

So yes, there was a naked man prancing around in the woods.

There is no proof that he was high, or that he was Polish, and the photos being shared are from Virginia Tech, not Poland.

Perhaps the man spotted the cameras and decided to let his inner troll come out to play.

Inner troll, not inner LCD-induced Siberian tiger.

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