A woman has joked that she has been rethinking her love life after seeing her ex succeed at the Tokyo Olympics.

New Zealander Hayden Wilde won the bronze medal in the men’s individual triathlon event in Tokyo. And in doing so, he left his former school girlfriend thinking about what could have been.

Speaking to 1News, the unnamed woman, who was found by pure coincidence by reporters at a fan event, said: “I went to primary school with him and he’s grown so much and yeah, I’m really proud.”

The reporter then asked if she wanted to send a message directly to him, and she looked into the camera and said: “I regret breaking up with you.”

Amid laughter among her and her friends, she added: “Nah, I’m so proud of him.”

Unfortunately for the woman, whether she was joking or not, Wilde is in a relationship.

And when the athlete was asked on New Zealand TV what he would be doing after his medal-winning performance he said: “I think I’ll just be calling my girlfriend who’s actually in Spain at the moment.

“She was up in the early hours of the morning watching the race.”

You snooze, you lose.

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