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Trans filmmaker Jake Graf and Hannah Winterbourne, the highest ranking trans officer in the British army, have called out The Sun’s headline about their wedding day.

The couple’s exclusive interview appeared on the front page of the paper. The headline read: "Tran and wife. Jake who used to be a woman weds Hannah who was a man."

On Twitter, Hannah called the headline "offensive" while Jake said the article, which he praised, had been "cheapened by such a sensationalised and misleading headline".

Graf told Huffington Post UK that although the article by Emma Pietras was 'really positive', it was ruined by the headline.

The Sun unfortunately very much marred it with their sensationalist and tacky headline and front page, which has been very disappointing and a great shame.

People were offended by the headline – especially members of the LGBT+ community – and took to Twitter to condemn the paper.

Diversity and inclusion specialist Marc Reace-Coles said the headline made him "angry enough" that he was "in tears":

Another person called the headline "stupid".

And another called it "disgraceful".

The headline seemed to be "classic tabloid".

Author Sarah O’Connell even went so far as to "fix" the headline for them.

A spokesperson for The Sun told indy100:

We're confident that not one of our readers will go away from reading this story with anything but positive thoughts about Hannah and Jake's relationship and will wish them the best for the future.

We have an ongoing dialogue with members of the LGBT+ community to ensure that we cover stories like this in a way that is both sensitive to the concerns of the community as well as opening them up to readers who may not regularly come into contact with those groups. 

We join our readers in wishing them the best for the future.

Here's the full spread:

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