In non-coronavirus news, it’s Trans Day of Visibility (TDoV) and there’s a new campaign from GLAAD highlighting beautiful love stories of all kinds.

Launching today, the #TransLoveStories campaign hopes to “highlight the diversity of loving relationships” – whether that be romantic, familial, friendly, self – experienced by the trans community.

For the next four weeks, GLAAD will publish a video highlighting that love from the likes of clothing designer Marli Washington, model Chala Tyson Tshitundu, author Marizol Levya, content creator AJ Clementine and filmmaker Alex Schmider.

Chala said in the video dropping today:

I couldn’t have even known that this type of romance existed, really, before finding it.

Chala’s partner Noah then chimed in:

For many of us, there just haven't been a lot of photographs of people – trans people, black trans people – being in love with each other and loving each other.

In response to the trailer, people took to both Twitter and Instagram to share their support for the campaign

One person responded on Instagram:

This is so beautiful 💜💜💜💜

Another tweeted:

While one of the stars of the video tweeted:

The campaign comes about after Idaho Governor Brad Little signed two anti-trans bills into law on Monday.

The first bill (HB500) limits the ability of trans people to participate in school sports and the other (HB509) will make it harder to change birth certificates.

ACLU Idaho condemned the new laws as “discriminatory, unconstitutional, and deeply hurtful”, while GLAAD said they would subject trans people to “state-sponsored discrimination and suffering”.

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