On Tuesday, Donald Trump took part in a town hall event for ABC News where he was asked questions from the US public and it was widely seen as a disaster.

From struggling to answer questions about the coronavirus pandemic to defending police who have killed unarmed Black people in the United States this year, it was hardly Trump's finest moment.

However, just 24 hours later Trump appears to have taken a different view of his town hall appearance and boldly claimed that he received great reviews for his showing at the town hall in Philadelphia.

At his completely unpredictable press conference on Wednesday, Trump said that coverage of the event had been misreported and that "a lot of people had said very good things about the show."

Trump repeated this on Twitter thanking people for their great reviews on the event.

As we said, the problem is that its quite hard to find any good reviews of Trump's showing and people were happy to yet him know.

Although Trump thinks he got good reviews, he didn't get great ratings as TV Line reports that the town hall was behind in overall viewership to both Big Brother and America's Got Talent.

Trump's presidential opponent for this November's election, Joe Biden is due to take part in a town hall hosted by CNN next week so we'll just have to wait and see what sort of ratings he gets.

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