Former Trump aide tricked into thinking he had been awarded 'journalist of the year' on his own radio show

Former Trump aide tricked into thinking he had been awarded 'journalist of the year' on his own radio show

The former aide to Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, has been embarrassed on his very own radio show by a prank caller.

Gorka, who briefly worked in the White House in the first few months of Trump's presidency, has been running the America First show on Salem Radio since January of this year.

It's the sort of place where he accuses kids' cartoons of instigating a 'war on our culture' because they feature a gay wedding. As you can probably guess, it's not the most progressive show on the airways.

However, Gorka was left a little red-faced during Wednesday's edition of the show when a rogue caller from Idaho, named 'Jason' told him that he had been awarded 'journalist of the year' by a fictional publication called 'Dips**t Magazine.'

'Jason' plays the prank almost perfectly by beginning the conversation by complimenting Gorka's unusual voice, which is something of a British-Hungarian-American mix.

Hey Mr. Gorka, thanks for taking my call. Excited. I love your voice on the radio. Radio was meant for you, sir.

Gorka, perhaps sensing that he has a fan on the airwaves, returns the compliment to Jason by saying 'you have a fine set of pipes yourself.' Jason appreciates Gorka's kind words.

Oh, that's nice. I'm nothing compared to you. I feel like if you are having a debate with some liberal, you could just start talking and they would start shaking in their boots.

Gorka likes this and says that the liberals would usually end up in a 'little puddle on the floor' before pressing on and asking Jason what he has called for, which is where the joke is unveiled.

Well, my favourite magazine just did a little feature on you, saying you are the top journalist of the year. I was really excited and I wasn't sure if you were aware of that yet.

A puzzled Gorka says that he wasn't aware of this and asks him to reveal what he is talking about, which is when the pun well and truly lands.'s called Dipsh**t Magazine.

The penny then drops for Gorka who tries to smooth the situation out but realises that the damage has been done.'re one of those. This is the definition of a coward. I love it how they lie. I'll talk to Jason offline.

This is Sebastian Gorka. Oh...he's dropped off. What does that mean Jason, that you dropped off?

Does it mean you’re a little girl? I think it does mean you’re a little girl. You are a sad little coward. 

But you know what? It's a great metric, when they actually spend their time, listening to this show, it means that we are winning.

Hmmm...we're not sure that it does mean that Gorka but feel free to believe that. As you can imagine, a lot of people have enjoyed this clip.

The YouTube prankster 'Prank Stallone' has since taken credit for the joke and he probably deserves some sort of message for his contributions to the internet.


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