A complete timeline of Trump and Biden's drastically different final day of campaigning

A complete timeline of Trump and Biden's drastically different final day of campaigning

Today is the day that many people in the US and worldwide have waited four years for as the 2020 US election comes to a close.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been campaigning tirelessly to win over voters and secure the keys to the White House for the next four years. The polls are still firmly in Biden's favour but the memory of 2016 is still very pertinent so neither candidate is taking any chances and both men are pulling out all the stops in their own unique way. The contrast between their final rallies couldn't have been larger.

Trump held five rallies on the last day of campaigning talking in battleground states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, whereas Biden spoke in Ohio and three rallies in Pennsylvania, a state that is likely to be decisive in the result of the election. Biden was also backed up by Barack Obama who spoke in Georgia and Florida. Meanwhile, Trump had most of his family talking for him elsewhere in America.

Biden's rally saw musicians like Lady Gaga and John Legend make an appearance whereas Trump used his time to hurl insults at Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi and NBA superstar LeBron James, while also getting rapper Lil Pump on stage (and getting his name wrong in the process), with almost no evidence of social distancing or face masks being in place.

Here are a few highlights from both candidates' final day of campaigning.

Speaking in Fayetteville, North Carolina just after midday, the president resurrects his feud with Hillary Clinton, as if it's 2016 all over again, prompting 'lock her up chants' from his supporters.

In Ohio, Biden lambasted Trump and Republican efforts to suppress voters saying: "Presidents don't determine who gets to vote, voters determine who is gonna be the president."

Meanwhile in Avoca, Pennsylvania, Trump raises eyebrows by saying "we're gonna win" and "we have some big surprises."

Moments later, Trump calls the disputed Hunter Biden story 'the second biggest scandal' in American history. You'll never guess what the first is.

Trump continues and starts to complain about having a "disadvantage with the electoral college" – the very system that helped him win in 2016.

Elsewhere, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Donald Trump Jr appears to speak from experience and says "you can't fix stupid."

Meanwhile, in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, Ivanka Trump repeats a line she said last week where she calls for a culture of debate and differing opinions to be encouraged.

Back in Avoca, Trump begins to call out LeBron James, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga, who he says 'he could tell plenty of stories about.'

At Obama's rally in Georgia, rapper 2 Chainz gives his support to Biden and Kamala Harris and seamlessly transitions into his hit song 'I'm Different'.

Obama then travels to Miami, Florida where he makes comments about Trump suggesting that he might fire Dr Anthony Fauci after the election. When his crowd begins to boo, Obama tells them "don't boo - vote."

In Huntersville, North Carolina, first lady Melania Trump blames the media, without evidence, for promoting "divisive language" which creates "disdain and hostility towards voters."

Melania adds, again without evidence, that Trump supporters are afraid to wear MAGA merchandise and express who they are voting for.

Back in Florida, Obama tells voters to not be fooled by Trump's rhetoric about Biden being a socialist and points out some of the world leaders that the president has become pally with.

Trump moves on to a rally in Traverse City, Michigan where a key point of discussion for him is NFL ratings and the sport's changing rules.

Trump goes on a rant about officials not investigating Obama and Biden and claims "We have information. You wouldn’t even believe it."

Speaking in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris says "we will confront, not condone, white supremacy" an issue which has blighted America under Trump's presidency.

Over in Pittsburgh, Lady Gaga sings and speaks at a Biden rally, which is bound to delight Trump.

Trump's speech in Kenosha, Wisconsin starts with technical difficulties thanks to a broken mic stand.

Meanwhile, Biden begins talking in Pittsburgh and strikes a resilient cry against Trump claiming he will "heal this country" if he is elected.

Biden also hits out at Trump's tax avoidance scandals saying "I'm sick of the wealthy guys gaming the system."

Biden closes his last campaign speech by telling his supporters "We choose hope over fear. We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction. And yes, we choose truth over lie lie after lie after lie."

In contrast, Trump complains about doctors 'grabbing different parts of his body' during his bout with coronavirus.

Trump is joined on stage by his eldest son Donald Jr and his partner Kimberly Guilfoyle whose unique selling point for voting this his dad is that they can "make liberals cry again."

Trump's potentially final stop as president was in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he begins by saying that Biden is "against God."

He also jokes that he won't speak to his children again if he loses.

Trump accuses Obama and Biden of 'treason' and calls himself "the most innocent man anywhere in the history of the United States."

Trump pats himself on the back for saving the suburbs and mocks ABC News reporter, Martha Raddatz.

The president makes up an award called 'Michigan Man of the Year' which he claims that he won.

Trump claims, without irony, that he doesn't do 'tweeting' but instead does 'social media' which is definitely not the same thing.

The president praises hundreds of his supporters who needlessly caused a traffic jam in New Jersey.

Trump suggests that if he loses the election he'll be "so angry, I'll never come back."

Trump gets the music part of his speech where he calls out Republican rock star Ted Nugent and rapper Lil Pump, who gets on stage and says "MAGA 202020." That's not a typo.

Trump thanks Lil Pump but doesn't appear to know who he is and calls him 'Little Pimp' instead.

Trump closes out potentially his last ever rally speech by repeating his routine MAGA spiel.

So there you go folks, four years and it all comes down to this. Who will America choose? We can only wait and see.

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