35 of the most unbelievable and unhinged moments from the first debate between Trump and Biden

35 of the most unbelievable and unhinged moments from the first debate between Trump and Biden

Tuesday evening saw the first debate of the election campaign between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and it was as controversial and chaotic as you would have expected.

'Disgraceful', 'worst president ever' and a 's**tshow' are not the usual words we here coming out from a presidential debate but then again we are living in the era of Trump.

The debate which aired from Cleveland, Ohio was hosted by Chris Wallace of Fox News and was the first real opportunity to see the two candidates engage with each other and for better or worse, they did not disappoint.

For nearly two hours they spoke about many of the things that are of a hot topic in the world at the moment and it was probably Trump who did more damage to himself than anything, with some polls putting the debate six to 10 in Biden's favour.

That said, let's see what they actually said.

Things got off to a friendly start between the two with Biden appearing to resort to his 'Diamond Joe' persona by asking: "How you doing man?"

The first big talking point was Trump's controversial choice to name Amy Coney Barrett as the successor to Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the supreme court before the election has taken place. Biden accused Trump of planning to get rid of the Affordable Care Act while Trump said that Biden and the Democrats of trying to implement 'socialist healthcare.'

Almost straight off the bat, Trump begins to lie by claiming that Biden plays more golf than he does.

Trump then incorrectly claims that there aren't currently 100 million people in the United States with preexisting conditions. (There are actually more.)

It took just over 10 minutes for all hell to break loose as Trump and Wallace clashed over Obamacare.

Less than 20 minutes in and Biden was already telling Trump to 'shut up'.

He also called the president a 'clown.'

The next topic of debate was coronavirus, a subject which has marred the last year of Trump's presidency and his failure to protect his fellow Americans.

Trump's first retort was to of course blame China.

Trump then claims that a vaccine for Covid-19 could be available as early as next month.

Biden replied by mocking Trump and referencing his infamous 'bleach treatment' with the president said was said 'sarcastically.'

Biden tells Trump to 'shush for a minute.'

To close out this segment, Trump boldly claimed face masks aren't necessary in the effort against the virus and tries to defend holding rallies in the pandemic without social distancing measures in place.

The next debate topic was how both men plan to revive the economy following the pandemic.

Biden delivered a scathing speech on how Trump has created fewer jobs than any other president in history and prioritising the economy over people's health and wellbeing.

Trump's response to this was to brag about how he has brought football back.

They soon moved on to the bombshell New York Times report about Trump's taxes with both Biden and Wallace asking him to either say how much he has paid or reveal his returns.

Trump at one point says "I don't wanna pay tax."

Biden doesn't pull any punches and straight-up says that Trump is 'the worst president that America has ever had.'

Wallace then live fact-checks Trump about how many jobs were created by Obama which prompts the president to quickly change the subject.

An exasperated Biden attempts to debunk rumours spread by Trump about his son Hunter, but is constantly interrupted by the yapping president.

Biden fires back by saying that he would be happy to talk about Trump's family 'all night.'

Look, here’s the deal. We want to talk about families and ethics. I don’t want to do that. I mean, his family, we could talk about all night. His family’s already-

Wallace shuts down Trump when he asks 'if he can be honest about Ukraine?'

Next was probably the most shocking section of the night when the two tried to discuss racism and violence in the United States.

Bizarrely Trump begins by saying that he has full law enforcement and military support.

Trump claims he ended 'racial sensitivity training' because, get this...'it's racist.'

The topic of the suburbs is brought up and Biden lands a neat dig by saying that Trump 'wouldn't know a suburb unless he took a wrong turn.'

Trump tries to deny that Kellyanne Conway said that unrest in US cities is good for the president.

Perhaps the most shocking and outrageous moment of the debate, which will probably go down in history, was when Trump again refused to condemn white supremacists.

Trump directly name checks the far-right white supremacist and tells them to 'stand back and stand by' while also pinning the blame on the left and Antifa.

Political commentator Van Jones's response to this told the whole story of the debate.

Biden goes on to quip that Trump is 'Putin's puppy.'

Trump seems to suggest that if Biden wins, Antifa will overthrow him as president.

Trump is again slammed by Wallace for his constant interruptions.

By this point, they had begun to talk about the climate crisis which gave Trump the excuse to begin talking about forest management...again.

Trump appears to question whether greenhouse gases are a contributing factor to climate change.

The president then references so-called 'forest cities' that are in 'major countries in Europe.'

Now they are talking about mail-in ballots, which Trump is very suspicious about.

At one point he actually shook his head when Biden quoted the DHS and FBI over there being no evidence of tampering with the ballots.

Biden attempts to answer his final question but both he and Wallace struggle to remember what that is because of Trump's rants.

Trump then appears to spread a conspiracy that Biden has been caught on tape talking about attempting a coup.

Worryingly, Trump says that he will refuse to recognise the result of the election until it has been independently verified.

At the one-hour-10-minute mark the debate is mercifully brought to a conclusion.

Before the cameras went off the air there was a telling moment as the two candidates' wives, Melania Trump and Jill Biden, made their way on to the stage and greeted their husbands in a very different manner.

With that, the first debate of the 2020 election was in the books. If this one is anything to go by the next two and the sole vice presidential debate are going to be completely bonkers.

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