If there's one media outlet that Trump is a fan of, it's Fox News.

The president's relationship with the right-wing broadcaster has been well documented throughout his years in power. While he rails against the likes of CNN or The New York Times on a regular basis, Fox News seems to be where the president likes to get his news.

So he may have been forgiven for thinking that an interview on the network would go a little better than one conducted by journalists working elsewhere.

But not all Fox News interviewers are created equal.

Far from the sycophantic vibes he's probably used to getting from the likes of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham, his recent interview with Chris Wallace appears to have been a whole different situation.

One might think Trump would know a bit about Wallace, considering he's come for him repeatedly. Still, he agreed to sit down with him for a rare long interview set to be aired tomorrow.

But Fox released a teaser in advance... and it really did the job.

In the short clip, Wallace can be heard asking Trump about high levels of crime in different cities. Trump's response is to blame the Democrats of course, but when he tries to attack Biden, it doesn't go so well.

He said:

They're Democrat-run cities, they're liberally run, they're stupidly run.

Wallace points out that Democrats have been running cities for a long time, so that doesn't explain why things are so bad. Trump's response:

They run it poorly. It was always bad, but now it's gotten totally out of control... and it's really because they want to defund the police, and Biden wants to defund the police!

If your response is "um, what?!" you're not alone. Wallace calmly but firmly tells the president this really isn't a thing.

But Trump appears to be convinced, and smugly tried to explain to Wallace:

Look, he signed a charter with Bernie Sanders...

Yes, replies Walace but it says nothing about defunding the police.

Trump, visibly irritated, responds:

Oh really? It says 'abolish', it says a... Let's go! Get me the charter please!

Yes, Trump turns around mid-interview and demands a document be brought to him so that he can prove he's right, even though he very clearly isn't.

That's where the clip ends, but speaking on Fox News, Wallace explained that the president had someone bring him the report, which he went though and found many things to disagree with, but no indication that Biden wants to defund the police, probably because he doesn't.

This isn't the first time he's made this false claim – he did so at a speech on Tuesday too, referring to aa "Biden-Sanders agenda". It seems unlikely that no one would have corrected him at the time, yet he tweeted it again after the video came out, saying he "may use different words" but "that's what he wants to do".

With Biden overtaking Trump in the polls, it seems the president is trying to paint his opponent as much more radical than he actually is, but this tactic appears to be backfiring.

The clip was immediately circulated on social media, with #TrumpIsALaughingStock trending immediately.

People were mercilessly mocking the ridiculousness of the scene.

Despite working at Fox, Wallace is famously a Democrat. And perhaps more importantly, a highly respected journalist who's won a number of awards and accolades spanning his four-decade career.

However he's said before that his intentions aren't to be combative when interviewing politicians, but rather to get to the truth of their beliefs.

It seems he managed to do just that: Trump's main belief – that he is always right, no matter how much demonstrable evidence there is to the contrary – was on full display.

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