Former US President Donald Trump made his first Fox News appearance in months, speaking to host Sean Hannity about Afghanistan. His presence was actually a bit of a surprise, however, as the twice impeached politician has shied away from the limelight lately, primarily communicating through press releases and circumventing his Twitter ban via his aide’s account.

But last night Trump returned to his former Fox News glory, and unsuspecting viewers were instantly reminded how outrageous his presidency was — and how grateful they are that he’s gone.

Trump made a number of puzzling statement during the interview, first calling the Taliban “good fighters” who deserve credit for “having been fighting for thousands of years.” The group was actually founded in 1994, initially seizing control of Kabul in 1996. He also advised Americans to “wear your mask if you want, but you have to have your freedoms,” and went onto suggest “blowing up all the forts “blow up all the forts” in Afghanistan before leaving the country.

Trump also told Hannity he had a “very strong conversation” with Mullah Barader, “the top person [of the Taliban].” “I also had a good conversation with him after that, we talked for a while,” he said, before launching into a nearly incoherent rant regarding Ashraf Ghani, the president of Afghanistan.

“I never had a lot of confidence in Ghani, I said that openly and plainly. I thought he was a total crook, I thought he got away with murder,” he said. “He spent all this time wining and dining our senators. The senators were in his pocket, that was one of the problems that we had, but I never liked him.”

Viewers were bewildered by Trump’s comments, taking to Twitter to voice their concerns — but mostly express genuine gratitude that the reality star is no longer in office.

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