CNN reporter tears into Trump Jr after he falsely accuses the network of going soft on Biden

Greg Evans
Wednesday 30 December 2020 10:35
(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

It’s been quite a year for the Trump family and considering that 2020 is almost over you’d think that they might give it a rest for a few days over the New Year period.

Alas, that isn’t the case, at least for Donald Trump Jr, who attempted to call out CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale, by falsely accusing the reporter of going softer on Joe Biden than they ever did with Trump. 

On Tuesday, Trump Jr shared a clipping of an article from The Atlantic about how CNN will be slightly altering their coverage once Biden in sworn in. However, Trump Jr managed to misinterpret the story. 

In the piece, it is stated that Dale, who has had to fact check president Trump for the past four years (you won’t need us to tell you, but that is a lot of fact-checking) will likely have less work of that nature to do over the next four years as Biden has not proven to be a persistent liar. 

However, Trump Jr read this as CNN admitting that they won't be fact-checking  Biden and having an agenda against the Republican party. 

What the report actually said was: “It will not be a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week job to fact-check Biden,” he told me. Though he stressed that the same “intensity and rigor” should be applied to the incoming president, the simple reality is that Biden doesn’t lie nearly as often as Trump does. Consequently, Dale hopes to spend more time debunking online disinformation and digging into claims made by congressional leaders.”

Like all good fact-checkers, Dale corrected Trump Jr by pointing out exactly what he said which didn’t include any mention of a ‘pivot’.

Dale continued by clarifying that they will be fact-checking Biden by had to reiterate that it is unlikely that they will have to scrutinise the new president as much as Trump who he called an ‘incessant liar.’

Trump Jr is yet to register a response to Dale but we doubt this will be the last time we hear more inaccuracies on social media from the president’s son.

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