Trump spoke at an event for controversial Korean ‘cult church’ as part of his weird 9/11 anniversary weekend

Trump spoke at an event for controversial Korean ‘cult church’ as part of his weird 9/11 anniversary weekend

During a sombre weekend for American citizens, as the country marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, former US President Donald Trump was speaking at a “Rally of Hope” event linked to a Koreancult”.

Taking place on Saturday, the online conference was hosted by Dr Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founder of the Universal Peace Federation, which was set up by Moon and her husband in 2005.

Her late husband, Sun Myung Moon, claimed to be the messiah and founded the Unification Church – an organisation known for mass weddings and its support for the unification of North and South Korea into a single Christian state. The group are also known as “the Moonies”.

Trump told attendees: “I want to thank the Universal Peace Federation and in particular Dr Hak Ja Han Moon – a tremendous person – for her incredible work on behalf of peace all over the world.

“What they have achieved on the peninsula is just amazing. In just a few decades, the inspiration that they have caused for the entire planet is unbelievable, and I congratulate you again and again.”

The Republican also said that the US “adopted a policy of unprecedented strength” under his presidency, noting that he was the first president to enter North Korea in 2019.

“I truly believe that an extraordinary future awaits the people of North Korea,” he said.

Twitter users have since expressed their shock at Trump’s decision, while others were hardly surprised, given the ex-president’s previous antics:

The virtual speech isn’t the only controversial thing Trump did over a weekend where other former presidents marked acknowledged the events of 11 September 2001. While Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and current president Joe Biden paid tribute at Ground Zero, in New York City, Trump released a recorded video about the anniversary.

He also visited a New York City police department and fire station.

Later that day, he commentated a boxing match with his son, Donald Trump Jr, in Florida, a move which his niece said is “entirely in keeping in what [he] always does”.

“Last I checked, nobody pushed back on the fact that on the 20th anniversary of the worst tragedy to hit this country, [Trump] was commentating a boxing match to line his own pockets.

“He doesn’t understand dignity. He doesn’t understand tragedy. He doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t pertain directly to him,” Ms Trump told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday.

As well as being attended by Trump, the “Rally of Hope” event also saw speeches from Cambodia prime minister Hun Sen and former president of Japan, Shinzō Abe.

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