21 of the most brutal and hilarious memes about Trump finally leaving office

Donald Trump makes a farewell address in a video released by the White House
Donald Trump makes a farewell address in a video released by the White House
White House

It’s truly hard to believe that the four years of the Trump administration is finally coming to an end. After countless scandals and upsetting rhetoric day in and day out, president-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday could not come fast enough for many across social media.

Trump’s final schedule includes only that the president and first lady Melania Trump will depart Washington at 8 am “for Palm Beach, Florida” – as they will not be attending Biden’s inauguration.

Trump – who was recently impeached for a second time on the charge of “incitement of insurrection” – will also not participate in any of the other traditions associated with leaving office like hosting Biden and his family at the White House.

Still, no one seemed to mind that Trump will be getting out of the White House as quickly as possible, and the celebrations of his last day in office were widespread. Here are some of the best memes that marked the occasion.

No one could believe we have all collectively made it through four years of this presidency:

Most people just felt pure excitement…

Others were a bit more feisty:

But either way, people were just happy that it is over, despite Trump’s best efforts to claim “fraud” in the 2020 election:

Some were even hopeful Trump would actually now face consequences for everything he has done:

Tuesday also happened to be Dolly Parton’s birthday, making the day doubly enjoyable, aka “great vibes all around”. 

In fact, it was also the late Mac Miller’s birthday, so many people also shared this old clip of him giving his thoughts on Trump…

One person compared the feeling of Trump’s impending departure to that of Christmas Eve.

Even Bailey Warren – Elizabeth Warren’s cute golden retriever – was happy:

Of course, the hashtag “ByeFelicia” started trending.

People joked that even Barack Obama might be getting in on the fun:

This classic tune was turned into an anti-Trump anthem: “start spreading the news, Trump’s leaving today”.

All in all, it was a joyful day for those waiting in anticipation for a Biden White House:

On a more serious note, it is hard to describe and illuminate all the damage done by the Trump presidency and it is important to remember especially those who suffered from the government’s negligence.

Writing on the now more than 400,000 Covid-related deaths in the US on Trump’s last day in office, Congresswoman Cori Bush put things into perspective. She said:

"The relief we may feel with Trump’s departure from office must be paired with reflection and collective mourning for all of the loved ones lost under his 4 years of negligence and destruction."

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