Never let anyone tell you that Donald Trump isn't chivalrous and only interested in himself. Why just wait until you learn of the incredible gift that he got his wife Melania for Christmas.

Speaking from his Mar-A-Lago complex in Florida, to members of the US armed forces who are currently based abroad, Trump was asked what gift he had given his loyal Slovenian wife this Christmas.

I think we can all agree that this is a pretty standard question that most husbands could answer if even they lied, a skill that Trump isn't unfamiliar with. Rather than do that, he came out with this:

Oh, that's a tough question ...I really should say, a very beautiful card. I had a number of them picked & I picked the nicest one.

A lot of love ...we've had a great relationship like few do...I'm still working on a Christmas present.

Wow! I mean seriously. Just a card! He didn't even pretend to have gotten her a box of chocolates, Nintendo Switch, pair of socks or Lego Millennium Falcon. Just a card (apparently it was the nicest one).

Considering that this was on Christmas Eve and he was on a golf course, we doubt he would have had much time to find a better present so all we can hope, for Melania's sake, is that her son Barron got her something better.

Needless to say, Trump's shameless admission has prompted a lot of reactions on social media, mostly from people who aren't impressed with the president's candid approach to Christmas presents.

To be honest, with the amount that Melania has to put up with she's probably just happy that he remembered.

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