Trump fan furiously points gun at unarmed girls after he was splashed with water
Twitter: @RexChapman

A video has emerged of a Trump supporter aiming a gun at a group of young women.

A man, wearing a Trump hat, is seen pointing a pistol at a group of teenage girls.

The footage, captured near an unofficial Trump rally in Washington, begins with the man waving the gun and shouting at the girls.

The camerawoman shouts:

Gun! Gun! Gun!

The teenage girl can then be heard repeatedly shouting back:

What’s your name? I’m calling the police.

She continued:

I’ve got it on video that you pulled a gun on girls.

In the clip, some women can be seen pulling the man away while other Trump supporters stand by.

The situation began after the man had water splashed at him. It's not clear who splashed him.

In the video, the camerawoman shouts: “It’s water, you snowflake!”

According to a report by the Daily Dot, police arrived at the scene soon after and confronted the gunman.

The gunman reportedly told police that he thought the water could have been acid or faeces.

He was not arrested at the scene.

The footage has now been viewed 3m times.

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