One of President Trump’s former aides has suggested in a television interview that Trump would denounce the Capitol riots but he can’t because he's been banned on social media.

Hogan Gidley, Trump's former national press secretary for his reelection campaign, made the comments while appearing on Fox News.

After using Twitter to spread misinformation and incite his supporters, Trump was banned from the social media site following the insurrection and has since been banned from a whole host of other platforms.

Despite every previous president being able to lead and make statements without the use of social media, Gidley claims the current president isn’t able to denounce the violence because he’s been de-platformed.

In the interview, Gidley said:

“The media are trying to have it both ways. On the one hand, [the media says] he should be censored by Big Tech and not be allowed to talk. He also shouldn’t say anything because it’s divisive. And then when he doesn’t say anything and can’t say anything because the platforms have removed him, they say, ‘Where’s the president? Why aren’t we hearing from him?’”

Gidley’s claims that Trump, the man holding the most powerful position in the United States, has no platform to speak publicly was swiftly ridiculed on Twitter as many users pointed out previous presidents managed just fine before social media.

As everyone knows, the President has the ability to release press statements and hold briefings at the White House. So, the irony that it was a former press secretary that made these comments is not lost.

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