Trump will hate what comes up first when you search 'loser' on Twitter so please don’t tell him

Louis Staples
Sunday 08 November 2020 14:30

It’s been a bad week for Trump.

He’s lost the election, and he’s kicking up a huge fuss about it. He’s still not conceded and, after a lifetime of branding himself as a "winner", he seems to be struggling to comprehend that he has been defeated.

While Trump rages on Twitter – the platform to which he owes most of his publicity and success – a change has happened on the social media platform.

When you search the word “loser”, Trump is the first person to come up.


Trump will be very unhappy about this. And he’s probably seen it given how much time he spends on the social networking site.

Twitter users thought it was hilarious. Because, well, it is pretty funny.

Since the election, over half of Trump’s tweets have been flagged as containing misinformation.

And it seems like his winning streak has finally come to an end.