Furious Trump supporters ridiculed for moaning about 'mute white people' Instagram sticker

Furious Trump supporters ridiculed for moaning about 'mute white people' Instagram sticker

Trump supporters are so furious with a "racist" Instagram sticker that says "mute white people" they may have gotten it removed from the platform.

The sticker, which was purely decorative and didn't actually do anything, disappeared from Instagram after an intense backlash from right-wingers.

Fox News contributor and right-wing pundit Kate Pavlich first drew attention to the sticker when she posted it to Twitter.

It was then shared by Donald Trump Jr, who implied that the sticker is "racist against white people".

Trump supporters reacted furiously, accusing the sticker of being "pure Nazism".

In case anyone needs a refresher, racism is rooted in social structures going back centuries that work to oppress people of colour and elevate white privilege.

So no, racism against white people isn't a thing – even though white Republicans believe it's as common as racism against any other race.

Besides, a virtual sticker gently poking fun at white people isn't exactly causing harm and has (clearly) not succeeded in silencing anyone.

People are mocking the right-wingers for taking such deep offence to a sticker, which again, doesn't actually "mute" anyone.

The sticker can no longer be found on Instagram, although it is unclear if this is related to the backlash.

indy100 has contacted Instagram and will let you know why they removed the sticker if we find out.

The sticker was designed by Refinery29, a media outlet for millennial women and owned by Vice Media.

It was uploaded to GIPHY which provide stickers and gifs for Instagram and Facebook.

Other Refinery29 stickers include the slogans 'Reparations$$$' and 'Pay Black Women'.

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