Donald Trump loves a little bit of pomp and circumstance and there are few places better in the world to do that than London.

The president probably envisioned the start of his UK state to be greeted with thousands of adoring fans as his motorcade travelled down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace.

Unfortunately for Donald, that wasn't the case, as we can now estimate that tens of his loyal supporters turned out to wave at him and give the Trumps a warm welcome to the UK.

Those that did turn out were absolutely 'ecstatic'.

Even the police thought it was funny.

It should be noted that Trump did originally arrived at the palace on Monday morning via helicopter, but these pictures were from his return trip to the palace on Monday afternoon after visiting Westminster Abbey. And we can only imagine how he felt seeing all those faces staring back at him...

Although the turnout for Trump at the palace was something of a limp affair there is bound to be a much stronger contingent of people at the protests that are expected today as thousands are set to gather in central London to oppose the president's state visit.

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