Trump thanked himself for being a 'very stable genius' and people are very confused

Jose Luis Magana/AP/Twitter

On Saturday, Donald Trump had one of his oddest Twitter days in recent memory, where he spent the majority of it posting random things and slogans.

He started the day off by repeating an old by classic phrase of his 'a very stable genius' with an added 'thank you' for no apparent reason.

It's possible that he had heard such a statement on Fox News but it's not entirely obvious what he was alluding to or who he was thanking.

The president then followed that tweet with an attack on MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid and a congratulatory tweet in support of the North Carolina Republican's Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy who won their congressional seats in the state, as well as his approval rating in the GOP.

Trump then tweeted his classing 'MAGA' catchphrase as well as his 2020 presidential campaign slogan.

What on earth was he on about? Know one can be entirely sure but people came up with some very amusing questions in reply to this bizarre rant.

Trump would finish the day on Twitter by continuing to retweet praise of himself and also confirm the death of Hamza bin Laden, so we can't wait to see what Sunday will bring.

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