Fox's Lou Dobbs thanked Trump for making a 'great weekend possible for us all'

Greg Evans
Saturday 14 September 2019 14:30

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs has caused an uproar online after he thanked Donald Trump for allowing the American people to have a 'great weekend.'

Dobbs, who is no stranger to making grand statements about the president, signed off his broadcast on Friday by saying the following:

Have a great weekend. The president makes such a thing possible for us all.

This completely bizarre statement from Dobbs seems like something for a dystopian novel or movie where every member of society is reduced to supporting their commander in chief unconditionally.

Like, how does Trump even make a 'great weekend' possible? By tweeting constantly and arguing with people when he makes an obvious mistake?

It's hard to know but Dobbs bizarre praise of Trump soon found it's way on to Twitter and people couldn't quite believe what they were hearing.


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