A TV weatherman in Australia has shown a major act of courage as he stripped down and ran into dangerous waters to retrieve a body from the waves while cameras were rolling on a live broadcast moments before coming back on air.

Reporter Luke Bradnam was at the beach in Queensland reporting on the perilous water conditions when he was called into action.

Reporting for Australian news service 9News, Bradnam had just finished a live broadcast when he was alerted to what he believed was a swimmer in trouble in the water.

He immediately ran to the person’s aid, but unfortunately found that they had already succumbed to the water conditions. It was later confirmed that the person he had helped retrieve was the body of a 32-year-old British man who had gone missing the previous day.

In the aftermath, Bradnam was interviewed live on air, describing the situation as “a pretty harrowing scene”.

The person was later formally identified as 32-year-old Jake Jacobs by The Queensland Police Service. He had been swimming with a woman, who sadly also passed away.

Bradnam received messages of support on social media after his heroics, with people encouraging him to take care of himself after such a traumatic event.

Sadly it wasn't the outcome anyone hoped for, but what a hero nonetheless.

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