Matt Lucas perfectly ridicules Boris Johnson's 'nonsensical' new lockdown rules in just 15 seconds

If you tuned into Boris Johnson’s speech yesterday at 7pm, you may have left more confused than when you started.

You’re probably not the only one. On social media around the UK, people pointed out that Boris Johnson’s new lockdown guidelines weren’t exactly straightforward. On Twitter, comedian Matt Lucas summed up the whole speech pretty succinctly.

In the 17-second video, he summarises Johnson’s speech… “Go outside – but don’t go outside.”

His imitation of Johnson’s accent and way of speaking is uncannily close to the real thing too.

On Twitter, people reacted by suggesting that Lucas should be put in charge of the Conservatives’ messaging on the crisis, while another person pointed out that Lucas is actually clearer than Johnson was.

Others were impressed that Lucas was able to summarise Johnson’s 20-minute speech in 14 seconds.

A nurse replied to Lucas’ video to say that the speech from Johnson had upset her, and that his video had made her laugh instead.

Lucas is an actor and comedian, and formerly starred in Little Britain and Doctor Who. One of the responses to his video was to ask why he was making fun of the situation when so many people were being affected – but Lucas pointed out that he was only doing so because the government was handling the situation extremely badly.

On Sunday, Boris Johnson laid out the new guidelines for the UK exiting lockdown – without clarifying that he was only able to relax guidelines for England – and suggested that the UK had avoided a catastrophe, despite the fact that England had the highest death toll in Europe.

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