Footage of horse-mounted police officer being flung to the ground after ‘charging’ towards protesters divides people

There were a number of shocking images which are emerging from yesterday's and today's protests across the UK.

But perhaps the most incredible was a widely-shared video which shows a police officer being flung off a horse after smashing into a traffic light.

The police officer was reportedly taken to hospital, where she is receiving treatment for her injuries, which are not life threatening.

But not long after different videos emerged, misinformation came along with them, with some people mistakenly claiming that protesters had knocked the police officer of her horse.

In fact, the protest was largely completely peaceful, although there are some accounts of protesters throwing bottles and flares at officers near Downing Street.

The mounted police were reportedly trying to drive protesters away from Number 10. But some first-hand accounts suggest they did more harm than good.

It's a truly astonishing scene, and other videos captured the horse – suddenly unrestrained – charging into a crowd of protesters.

Demonstrators are protesting outside the US embassy again today, both in solidarity with the US Black Lives Matter movement, and to protest institutional racism in the UK.

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