Ukrainian pilots say they are flashed by women to boost their morale

Ukrainian pilots say they are flashed by women to boost their morale
Battle tanks play key role in Ukraine's counteroffensive advance

A member of the Ukrainian air force has revealed the unusual measures that the country’s population have gone to inspire their armed forces – including women flashing them to boost morale.

The helicopter crew member, Major Maksym, revealed that women had bared their breasts to support them in an interview with the Sunday Times.

He also said that some Ukrainian women had made signs showing their support and even proposed to them in order to inspire the troops.

Maksym also spoke about the Ukrainian forces’ unwavering commitment, saying: “We have iron a***s.”

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He added: “We have only courage, morale and experience to help us, but that’s it."

Genya Savilov / AFP via Getty Images

Maksym went on to compare the aircraft being used by Ukraine and Russia, stating that Russia’s hardware is superior. He then said it was like comparing a “Mercedes to a Lada”, which is a type of inexpensive car from eastern Europe.

"The Russians understand we can do nothing to them in the air," he said.

Half of Maksym’s unit has been killed in the war, which began in February 2022.

It comes after harrowing footage recently revealed the extent of escalating Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Having already committed a number of war crimes through his "special military operation", Vladimir Putin is now targeting residential areas far beyond the frontline of the war, with a Russian rocket hitting an apartment building in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv and killing at least four people earlier this month.

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