Student suspended from her sorority after ‘outrageous and racist’ video goes viral

A female student has been suspended by her sorority after a video of her saying a well-known racial slur used against black people went viral.

The Alpha Chi Omega chapter at the University of Tennessee suspended the sorority sister after a video of her at a party saying the n-word was shared online - and the group blasted her behaviour as "outrageous and racist".

The video was first recorded on Snapchat and the woman has been identified as Savannah Micillo.

In a six-second video posted on Twitter, Micillo can be seen at a party. Someone asked her off-camera: "Sav, what do you call black people?"

‘N*****s!’ she responded.

The woman who tweeted it, @zairequinn wrote:

Yikes this is one of your members Savannah Micello. I just graduated from #utk & this disgusting behaviour [sic] SHOULD NOT be tolerated.

Her message prompted the sorority to respond: "You’re right. This is outrageous and racist conduct," the group wrote.

And we suspended this member this afternoon effective immediately. Our chapter and this entire campus should be able to expect far more from our members.

A spokesperson for the sorority told the New York Post Micello’s comments were "grotesque".

Upon learning of this member’s actions and seeing the outrageous conduct displayed in the video posted yesterday, the leadership of our chapter at the University of Tennessee immediately suspended the member seen in the video.

People online applauded the sorority's quick thinking, but others thought a suspension wasn't enough.

The university said in a statement: "The racism displayed in this video does not belong on Rocky Top and does not represent our community’s values of civility and inclusion.

The Dean of Students and the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life have been in touch with UT’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter and its national headquarters.

Federal law prohibits the university from sharing how the university handles matters with individual students.

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