A Black Hawk helicopter near Kabul, Afghanistan
A Black Hawk helicopter near Kabul, Afghanistan

The United States dropped more bombs on the Taliban in August than in any other month in the last two years.

Air power statistics, provided by the US Central Command after a request by the Boston Globe , show that 436 "weapon releases" were made in August - compared to an average of 150 per month over the previous seven months - which represents the highest intensity of bombing since August 2012.

Those figures come despite plans to pull out half of remaining US troops in Afghanistan by the end of the year.

The Globe reports that the some analysts fear the spree could be a sign of things to come as the as the Afghan government struggles to maintain security following the US drawback and relies ever more on air support.

However, the paper also cited several other reasons why bombing could have intensified - including increased Taliban activity in summer months and a ramping up of tactical air support as US forces retreated from the country's remoter outposts.

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