Valentine's Day 2020: 10 untranslatable words about love

Wednesday 14 February 2018 10:30

Life isn't like on TV, where our romantic protagonists simply approach one another and without a single word embrace, as the song 'Only You' by Yazoo swells in the background.

In reality, you have to say things and communicate. It's horrendous.

Finding the right words can be difficult, and now we know why:

English is lacking so many useful terms!

Travel bods at Expedia have combed the global treasure house of languages for the indescribable, untranslatable words we could all do with this Valentine's Day.

Deploy these ten words on February 14th and say so much more than just 'I love you'.

But say that too, otherwise you'll have an argument.


And now, because it's in your head, Yazoo.

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