Man goes viral after rescuing seagull - which then attacked him

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If you've ever walked along a seafront with a bag of chips or an ice cream, you'll know that seagulls are a vicious nuisance.

They will literally eat anything and are deceptively big - but we can now add a new awful characteristic to their personalities. Ungratefulness.

When Robert Tahau from Whakatane, New Zealand found an injured seagull on the side of the road he decided to rescue it.

The bird, which had suffered a broken wing, was wrapped up in a t-shirt and transported out of the quarry where Robert works.

Robert documented the rescue in a live selfie video for his Facebook friends, but that's when things started to go very wrong.

While describing what had happened, the seagull started to peck at his face leading to this hilarious and expletive-ridden clip.

The footage quickly became a viral sensation for the bird's actions, but mostly for Robert's comedic cursing.

Speaking to the NZ Herald, Robert explained that he wanted to take the seagull to a vet but it was too late in the day.

He left the bird in a box with food and a blanket but unfortunately, it met an untimely end. He said:

My plan was to take it back to Whakatane where I live, but by the time I got home everything was closed down - the vet and SPCA - so I thought I'd put him in a box with a blanket overnight.

I gave him some wet bread because it looked like he was dry retching.

When I came to check on him in the morning, he was as stiff as a rock. He had passed away.

After noticing the online fame that the bird had received, he decided to give his feathered friend a proper burial on his property.

Rest in peace pesky pecking seagull. You gave us a chuckle.

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