Black family accused of shoplifting in Kansas Walmart even after showing receipts

Black family accused of shoplifting in Kansas Walmart even after showing receipts
Twitter/ @TheLakeWolf

A black family shopping in a Kansas Walmart was stopped outside the store by three police officers who accused them of shoplifting, even though they had the literal receipts to prove they'd paid for the items.

As the family was leaving, Police officers surround their car outside the store, claiming they were “investigating” the receipt.

In the video posted to Twitter by the father of the family, the officer holding the receipt claims they received a call from Walmart about shoplifters, and “don’t know” if the family paid for the items.

Walmart employees then walk over to tell the officers that the family might have incorrectly rung the items through the till, in order to pass off more expensive items as cheaper ones or put in inaccurate quantities.

The father says in the video:

This dude got my son out here in the heat … over $100 worth of groceries that they think I stole because I’m black.

While the “investigation” took place, the man claims that he and his partner were not allowed to take their newborn child back out of the car, having placed him inside moments before the police arrived.

Having concluded their thorough, in-depth inspection of the receipt, the officer says that he will explain to the Walmart employees that the items were scanned with their quantities.

The video has been widely condemned as a classic case of racial profiling of black people by law enforcement.

Though people are disagreeing over who was at fault – the Walmart employees for calling police on a black man who has a receipt for the groceries he just purchased, or the police for arriving with three officers to investigate.

Maybe both?

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